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The Hi-Load II Auto-Bulk System
New Multi-channel Peristaltic Pump and Passive Level-control Ink Cartridges
Order Code
Mimaki JV3,
JV33  and JV22
Bulk System - 8 cartridge
$ 1246
Roland printers
Bulk System - 12
$ 1610
Mimaki JV4
Bulk System - 12
$ 1610
Technical Data
promotional products
With the new Multi-channel peristaltic pump adds protection against contamination since fluid does not contact
valves, impellers, or other pump parts. Sinusoidal flow virtually eliminates cavitation and bubble entrapment.   An
electronically simple duty cycle timer greatly increases the life of the unit. The ability to switch between duty cycle
and always on provides confidence for heavy coverage applications.

div.c { text-align: right; The passive level-control ink cartridges have no moving parts, complicated electronic sensors and controls.  The
simple innovative accurate level control is made entirely of inexpensive plastic parts and is chemically friendly to
all inks and promotional products.
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